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The creature coming out of the wall looks amazing. I've never seen that in claymation before.

Excellent work! My only complaint is the background ambiance seemed a little weird, like a shopping mall or a Fallout soundtrack.

NeroGeist responds:

You're totally right about that one, I had troubles finding a city ambient sound effect, so I mixed a shopping mall effect and police sirens haha.

I love this animation, and unlike what some of the others are saying below the lack of information is amazing and makes this more compelling. I can sit here all night and try to figure out what the brown character might actually be.

Drugs? Sickness? Death? Depression?

I have no clue and I love it. If you explained what happened to her legs, for instance, I would be less interested, or if you had been more clear about it.

Animation wise, I rarely see something so smooth and the style add to it in my opinion.

Excellent job!

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It's an alright game all things considered, but the lack of music is kind of weird, sometimes you can get two of the same power-up, and there isn't anything cute about the bosses.
They're just horrifying.

This is oddly addicting, although it should be called "Carpalod" because it will destroy your wrists.

I love this game but to be honest the end was VERY predictable. If you make another one can you give it a better ending, and why don't human enemies give exp? But any way this is great for a flash game.

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This is really cool. 3 reminds me of Silent Hill's more industrial tracks and 5 reminds me of older horror movies.

D-Docolocolous responds:


I like the fact your description is the plot for a Warhammer story. That alone can make anything metal... the song was good too.

DanJohansen responds:

Haha did not know that! Glad you dig it though, rock on!

This may be the sickest thing. Ever.

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I really like when the more underrated Lovecraftian gods get some love, especially the ones not really attached to the Cthulhu mythos.

As far as the design goes I like how it doesn't really scream any particular culture but has a sort of Mayan or Aztec theme without being too on the nose. From the thumbnail I actually thought it might be some sort of Japanese or Persian design and the load of limbs remind me of how statues of gods are generally really complex with lots of limbs in different poses.

I also like the color choice, which gives me weird Pokemon vibes, and the shading is nice too.

Undeadkitty13 responds:

thank you so much. and ya i didnt want to go too heavy on the culture theme but added dashed of different one. the mask being based off an japanese oni mask, the clothes aztec/mayan and the four arms as a nod to hindu.

Reminds me of a book illustration with how the focus is on texture and line work rather than shading and coloring.

Overall I like it, however it looks like the woman's foot is in the fire and it's a bit distracting since I can't not see it now.

I really like the direction of the trees and how they curve into each other at the peaks and the shadows of the logs in the fire are a really nice touch I would never have thought of, but that being said maybe some faint shadows of the characters in the background? It seems like the lighting is supposed to be soft but since the trunks in the background are lit about halfway up shadows behind the people would make since.

I also really like the texture of the tree trunks and how it sort of blends in with the shadows. the bottom of the branches seem odd though. I might be wrong but it looks like its supposed to be lit from the fire which is a nice touch, but it doesn't really fit with the flatter coloring of the rest of the tree.

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